Grade K

Rules and Guidelines – Grade K


The emphasis of the T-Ball League is both to “introduce” the girls in Kindergarten to softball and to have “FUN”.  All coaches should focus on the following key fundamentals:

  1. Teaching players to catch the ball properly (e.g., using 2 hands),
  2. Teaching proper throwing form (making a “T” figure before throwing, stepping directly toward the target),
  3. Holding the bat properly (e.g., hands together, front-side hand on the bottom, hands and forearms in inverted “V” formation), and
  4. Running the bases.


We are asking ALL COACHES, whether they are running a private practice or sharing the field with another team, to create at least 3 different SKILLS STATIONS during each session.  The objective is to coach ~25 minutes of skills and drills at these stations, and then end the session with a 2-3 inning game.  A good template for these stations would be the following:

  • Station #1.  5-6 players working on grounders (in the infield “getting their gloves dirty”),
  • Station #2.  5-6 players working on catching regular tosses and pop-ups (in left field), and
  • Station #3.  5-6 players hitting off the tee (in right field……one batter, 1 on deck batter, 4 fielders chasing the balls)


You will need to find “creative” ways to keep them interested: how many can we catch in a row? Who can hit the bucket on a throw after a fielded ground ball? Who can chase down the most balls hit from the tee? Use the internet for more ideas.  You should always end your skill sessions with the girls “running the bases”.  Provided that players can arrive on time, your sessions (whether there is a game or not) should be no longer than 60 minutes.  Good luck and keep it fun.