Coaches Handbook Grade K-4

Coaches Handbook (Grade K-4)

Dynamic Warmup

  • Marches on toes
  • Butt kicks on toes
  • Teeter totters
  • Inchworms
  • Walking lunge w. twists
  • Arm circles
  • Self hugs
  • High knees
  • Butt kicks
  • Lateral slide w. touches
  • Carioca
  • Form runs
  • One-knee warmup throws (15 ft, 25 ft)
  • Stand and throw; extend out


Hand-Eye Drills

  • Short hops
  • Line tosses – underhand
  • Line tosses – overhand


Infield Drills

  • Bucket drills
    1. Straight on
    2. Forehand / Backhand
    3. Short hops
    4. Focus on using one hand
  • Make it fun – form 2 groups and have them compete to see who can make the most plays in 1 minute


Outfield Drills

  • Underhand fly ball tosses (younger kids)
  • Drop step and run drills
    1. Left / Right
    2. Focus on running to spot, with glove down
  • Cutoff / Relay throws
    1. Make it a race to see who can go through line 3x



  • No one on base – throws to first base
  • Runner on first – turn the double play
  • First & second – get the force at third
  • Runner on second – look the runner back, get the out at first
  • First and third – hold the runner, get an out
  • Bases loaded – play at the plate
  • Put runners on base (w. helmets) to run


Field Bunts / Cover Bases / Teach Positions

  • More advanced skill progression


Hitting Drills

  • Batting tee
  • Soft toss
  • Front toss
  • Focus on proper technique
    1. Proper hand position: line up mid-finger knuckles
    2. roper arm position: inverted “V”
    3. Weight over back foot, short stride with front foot
    4. Hip turn for power
    5. Downward plane (Top hand – Frisbee; Bottom hand – skipping stones)
    6. Hit ball out in front, off front foot
    7. Finish with full follow through
  • Work on hitting in small groups. Do not have 12 kids standing around while 1 hits.
  • Keep as many kids engaged as possible


Base Running

  • Practice running through the base at 1st
  • DO NOT run station to station – teach kids to round the bases and look for opportunities to advance
  • Use base coaches and encourage kids to pick up 3B coach as they approach 2B
  • Teach aggressive base running!